This transmitter can cover 14KM in an ideal environment.
30W Professional FM amplifier transmitter 85 - 110MHz fmuser FU-30A

The free gifts will include:

Power supply $20 
*  0.5W FM transmitter    $55 
1/4 wave anti-rain Antenna     $85
*  BNC to SMA cable & audio cable. $10
Fmuser 30W FM amplifier transmitter can be plug to the 0.2W~0.8W FM transmitter to increase the output power to 30W. The broadcast range will be 15Km. It is very easy to use, just plug and play. You do not need to buy any other things, all your needed will included in the super gift packages!
Free shipping
Temperature protect
Standing Wave Protect
Continuous work 7/24

Operating frequency: 85Mhz ~ 110Mhz
Input power: min: 0.2W  max: 0.8W
Output power:> 30W
Harmonic Suppression:>-60DB
Rated voltage: DC12V max: DC12.8V
Operating Current: 5.5A
Input impedance: 50 Ohm
Output Impedance: 50 Ohm
Job Type: C Class
Temperature: -20 ~ 40 degrees Celsius
The free gift will include:
Value of $20  powersupply
Value of
$55  0.5W FM transmitter  
Value of
$85  1/4 wave antenna         
Value of
$7    BNC to SMA cable
Value of
$3   audio cable